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One Out of a Billion Trillion

April 23, 2022
By RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
RH GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
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The sun disappears,

leaving us nothing

but the fading warmth.


The growing darkness

seems to bind our hearts

with cruel chains.


When I was with you,

the sun never set

in my heart.


I don't know if you felt that way too

but every day you lied to me

when you said you had somewhere to be.


I wish you had told me earlier-

we could've avoided all this trouble.


And maybe

we wouldn't have left each other so soon

if we had stayed true all the way through.


The sun falls

and night rises.

Stars begin to glitter

in the pitch-black sky.


I find myself thinking,

thinking of someone

other than you.


You were my sun,

but the sun isn't

the only star.


It's just one-

one out of a billion trillion stars.

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