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Is It Selfish?

January 30, 2022
By addie-nevins BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
addie-nevins BRONZE, Maplewood, Missouri
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Is it selfish
that I wish
the world liked me more?
To be seen,
not just noticed?
Is it selfish
to want to trade
my miserable existence
with her beautiful life?
So that she could drown
in my thoughts
and save me
from their grasp?
Is it selfish
for me to hate my body
while others hate their hunger?
To throw away a dinner
he would pray to have
just once?
Is it selfish
to want to die
just to live amongst the dead?
To leave my physical body
for an idea
that will never be proven?
Is it selfish
that I wish
for my mom to come back
even if that meant
she were still just as sick
but not as dead?
Is it selfish
to wish my world
were a happier place,
if it meant
everyone else
would live
in sorrow?

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