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A Warning Scenario

November 17, 2021
By WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
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In a distant land
of former grandeur and majesty,
now a washed with blood and cruelty.
It was the envy, the shining star -
of its world and stood afar
from all others, which it shunned.

Years have passed
in the world of that land.
Rivers of blood mixed with sand.
For miles stretched where I stood,
desolation and carcasses, nothing good
for the eyes of anyone.

Declined it had for certain.
Through its decadence and corruption -
but especially its leader, who lacked gumption
to lead, to guide, and to help.
Its people rioted and yelp
with fiery anger; a dark storm gathered.

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