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Scarred Worth

August 3, 2021
By CrazyCatLady6 GOLD, New Radnor, Other
CrazyCatLady6 GOLD, New Radnor, Other
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"There would be no shadows if the sun were not shining"

Burnt trees,

Desperate eyes,


Charred seas,

Broken screams,


Crumbling map,

Of a life,

Torn apart by lies,


Was it worth the pain?

And was it worth the blood?


To see your empire build,

On the bodies left behind.

The author's comments:

This is essentially abt climate change and how we must take drastic action before the world as we know it dies. I hope it inspires u 2 help the cause.


Luv yall!

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on Aug. 21 at 10:46 am
Itsmaanya_25 GOLD, Indore, Other
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It's Okay to have butterflies in your stomach, as long as you make them fly in formation

such a deep meaning! really love how you used such powerful words to convey so much

on Aug. 11 at 12:14 pm
Crazywolfiegirl2 PLATINUM, Kington, Other
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When people first meet me, they think I'm really shy, but by the time they get to know me they wonder how the illusion of shyness ever came around!

This is amazing. Its so good!!! I really envy your skill at writing. Thanks for sharing ❤️