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Is There Anything I Can Do?

May 12, 2021
By LadyWhimsy SILVER, Edmond, Oklahoma
LadyWhimsy SILVER, Edmond, Oklahoma
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I know you're hurting even though you say you're fine I can hear it in your voice is the anger, fear, and depression in your eyes. I know I'm not God and I'm definitely no angel but is there anything I can do? To make you see that you matter not just to me but others too Is there anything I can do to help numb the pain stop the suffering? I'm not God, and I'm not Jesus but I'll do what I can for you. So, my dear friend Is there anything I can do? A poem I can write for you? Something to brighten your day and make the pain go away just for a little while. I don't think we realize  how much it can mean to someone if we just ask Is There anything I can do? 

The author's comments:

I wrote this for a friend on here Luka_Roi if you're reading this I hope it means something to you so, this poem is for you If there is anything I can do just tell me I'm here. That goes for the rest of you who are reading this as well for anyone who feels no one cares I care so please tell me if there's anything I can do even if it's a small thing. Jesus loves you, God made you and I care

-Best Wishes, Lady Whimsy

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