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All The Beautiful Broken Things

March 9, 2021
By Cathy_Shang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
Cathy_Shang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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The flowers that I can not grow

(they’re pressed between book pages somewhere)

The porcelain vase that cracked in the kiln

(i have it on a shelf, the lavender glaze is still my favorite)

The songs I will never finish writing

(i wish i passed my music theory exam)

The shoelaces that I can never tie properly

(i often run with them undone)
The shattered jar of jasmine syrup I dropped on my foot
(it looked somehow celestial in the 5 o’clock light)
The pictures that I can never paint
(i can never mix the right colors, my hands are always shaking)
The words that will never be said

(my poems sounds better onpaper)
The notes I can never sing

(I wish I wasn’t tone deaf)
The fear of disturbing what has already been cultivated
(i wonder how much love in this world hides behind silence)

The author's comments:

For years I wrote down mundane things that were beautiful to me, and this poem is the collection of those notes. They’re mostly inspired by ordinary things we tend to ignore, or simply things we can not speak about and instead, opt to hide behind the norm. Life is more beautiful in romanticizing the imperfect pieces of daily life.

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