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Gently, Soundless

March 5, 2021
By Cathy_Shang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
Cathy_Shang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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When I go, I hope I go quietly.
Like a wisp of smoke

I vanish into the night.
I’ll sing with the ghosts, and fade with the light.
Like seashells on the shore
I am pulled back into the sea.
I’ll lie beneath the waves in my restful sleep.

When I go, I hope I go quietly.

Like water slipping through our fingers,

the hurt I wouldn’t leave,
I’ll be forgotten, as if I was but a dream.
Only skin-deep wounds, too shallow to scar

I won’t leave you sundered by storms,
only wondering
if the winds may have shifted.
When I go, I hope I go quietly

I cannot bear to see you weep.

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