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Skyscrapers and Farm

January 29, 2021
By minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
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The ocean with

the color of shallow 

turquoise was reflected by a few

enigmatic and golden stars.

Several wobbly slippery boats

floated and swayed by

the smooth sea-wind.


Separated by ripples,

farms contemplated the distant skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers gazed at the fainter stars

which were hung in the universe.


The son chose

the flourishing of skyscrapers,

and sailed away with the sunset by

well-designed little boat.


The vast nets of lives between people

began with their stories.


A bleak pair, husband and wife

with patches on their elbows,

stood in the dry grasses

that withered their pea-green.


The surface turned 

into a supernatural red.

Waves fluctuated…

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