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January 29, 2021
By AshleyCong BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
AshleyCong BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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Behold past glare reveals the one true key

For freedom is the one true luxury

Forget retreat hides one true rich elite

May those reveal the one true misery


For ever shall the hindered mind be found

Uncage all woe renown and keep true bliss

Suffice of good not known nor seen around

Yet scream the crave for darling vacant joy


Defunct the soul that bares a rotten mind

Deceit shall burden true obscurely corpse

But should the interred faith be the truth unwind

To see no shadows but the austere torps


What hope arise impedes reality

Let faith erode and let the grit pervade

Though effort made like waves in Caspian Sea

Washed all but left the one life’s masquerade


I am not but the fool’s eternity

For anchor plods the mileage in the sea

No long to seize but wave absurdity

Let truth adrift not save but perish me

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