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The Silent Killer: COVID-19

January 23, 2021
By tn25 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
tn25 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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The world freeze

With a start of a sneeze.

The unknown invader

Became the top of our fear.

Fear of uncertainties.

Fear of death.

Doors closed, windows up.

Gloves in, masks on. 

The empty streets

Were filled with silent cries

As numbers sunk and rise.

The once lively market

Replaced by chirps of winter birds

As hopes for a spark in life

Crashed like the colorless leaves on ice.

Creepers grew untouched, 

Unconscious of the living threats.

Who knew last winter

That they would see the snow fall twice.

The losing battle drained us all. 

If it wasn’t because of those

Who cared too less,

Who gave too little.

Scared of the outside world. 

Scared of anyone but our own. 

Since when did the others

Become the reasons why.

COVID-19 was his name. 

Who ruined thousands of families

And stopped the hearts of many. 

But death was too busy this year.

Too busy collecting the souls of others.

Too busy to notice us.

Play until our names appear 

On the bottom of his list.

It may not be too late to empathize then.

The author's comments:

As the title suggests, this poem talks about the coronavirus that has changed many poeple's lives since the winter of 2019. This poem contains irony about how some people blame others for the spread of the virus when they are the ones being unaware of the problem.

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