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December 17, 2020
By U21 BRONZE, Shanghai, Other
U21 BRONZE, Shanghai, Other
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Who cares about beauty

I don’t have my bread


Who cares about disciplines

Home brought down by hurricane


Who cares about etiquette

No clean water in front of me


Who cares about kindness

Ragged clothes all I have


Who cares about integrity

Schools bankrupted


Who cares about the rights I have

Government closed


Who cares about climate

Clearly divorced


Who cares about belief

They’ve taken all I had


Who cares about neighbors

Dead already


Who cares about humanity

Nowhere to go


Who cares about universe

Nowhere to go

The author's comments:

This is a piece about a person in desperation. He/she is fighting for survival, and has no time to care about the fancy/glory topics of life before finding a way to live on. His/her misery is not spiritual, but purely physical.

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