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Life's Voice

April 2, 2019
By BlindlyBecomingBella PLATINUM, Grapevine, Texas
BlindlyBecomingBella PLATINUM, Grapevine, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
-Wuthering Hights

We think that we are in control 

We believe we have a choice

But then little do we know of Life’s independent voice 

With out reason or rhyme

It tares things apart 

It leaves us in disarray,

And wounds our hearts


In the midst of our pain, we turn to things wrong

But in the moment believe to be the cure.

And soon you find your self alone again, broken again

Wondering what has become of your life once so pure.


Sometimes Life laughs at you

Like a child with a brand new toy

Watching you try, watching you fail

Thinking up some amusing new ploy


You wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” 

“How did things turn out this way?”

“Where, where did I wonder astray”? 

“How can I return to those simpler days when the answers were clear, and the future seemed bright”.


Life, it seems like a Ferris Wheel Going round and round and round

Sometimes, if we looked up we could touch the sky

But it feels like it’s always the ground


Expecting something to change,

We turn once more to things impure

But into a misery of our own design 

We find our selfs once more lured 


How much can a heart stand before it’s wrapped tight in chains

How long can we suffer

Without receiving some aid?

We think this time will be different

But what we don’t seem to see

Is that the change we anticipate, must first occur in me

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