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In Your Fault

January 17, 2019
By emilyserena BRONZE, Pine Grove, California
emilyserena BRONZE, Pine Grove, California
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We took a toll on doubt, didn’t we?

All those mouths forming the words, “it won’t last,”

We fought a lot of odds, didn’t we?

In January, the nostalgic breezes froze my heart.

I swore I wouldn’t survive.

You came along, I pursued a way to fill the whole inside me.

We were different, weren’t we?

All the couples, basic.

Us, unique.

We were gullible, weren’t we?

Imagining a future, giving into the lofty hopes

we’d last.

And we could’ve, couldn’t we?



It’s January again, one year later, but

you’re gone.

This hatred trembles my exsistence, remembering the promises

you tried to make to me, reminiscing on your assurance,

you got some kind of nerve,

leaving me.

The author's comments:

we could've lasted. we could've built the future we imagined. we could've, but distance takes advantage of fragile love, and here we are, her in Alaska, me in California, and we are so far away from each other...

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