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Leaving Winter Behind

December 14, 2018
By emilyserena BRONZE, Pine Grove, California
emilyserena BRONZE, Pine Grove, California
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and she told me, "I'm not like the others."

all those people who'd let me down, those unique faces I'd never catch

glimpses of again.

she pleaded, "trust this,"

all those times, till I  collapsed under the nostalgic abuse 

of past lovers.

I loved


I kept


in the safest part  of me, vulnerabitltiy became okay,

months went by, swiftly, not ever touching us.


October left the imprint of ugly reality, her arms and wrists

became thick with new scars, 

and our goodbye,

was the easiest one

I never got to say.

The author's comments:

her name was winter, and she was the first girl i truley loved. if not for the bitterness of depression and loss, i would've nveer had the wods to write this poem.

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