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I am Human.

October 21, 2018
By uberbearsharkm8 PLATINUM, Seminole, Florida
uberbearsharkm8 PLATINUM, Seminole, Florida
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"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."
- Leonard Nimoy

I am Oliver James.

I am a senior, in the top 5% of my graduating class.

I am the recipient of awards such as Criminal Justice Student of the Year and Rotary Club Student of the Month. 

I am the president of my high school’s National Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society and Gay-Straight Alliance. 

I am a youth lacrosse coach. 

I am an older brother. 

I am a son. 

I am a grandson. 

I am a nephew.

I am an elder cousin.

I am a friend.

I am someone who dreams of working for NASA as a mission specialist astronaut. 

I am in love with learning whatever I can. 

I am an aspiring author. 

I bleed red. 

I am human. 

I bleed red. 

I am transgender. 

I bleed red. 

I am despised by my own country. 

I bleed red.

I am threatened with Death’s scythe as I part my lips. 

I bleed red. 

I am the child of two who see my existence leaving due to Hatred’s bullet. 

I bleed red. 

I am to be a martyr. 

I bleed red. 

I am witness to the blood of my brethren on Evil’s hand. 

America has prepared to wear a coat of red. 

I am human. 

I bleed red. 

I am the same as those with tainted hearts. 

We bleed red. 

I am the same as the humans telling me I am meant to be dead. 

We bleed red. 

I am the same as our slaughterers. 

We bleed red. 

I am the same as the holder of my destined end. 

We bleed red. 

Even as I am lowered into a grave of sacrilege, the malevolent world will know:

I bled red. 

The author's comments:

Throughout my life, I have been told I would be the creator of great things. I had no idea as a young child that these “great things” would mean nothing as I discovered something as minuscule as my hair color: my gender. 

Since discovering my being transgender, I have found that each accomplishment of mine is overshadowed by the name I granted myself. I write for my transgender brethren, who are losing themselves to the push and pull of the world around them. I write for those who cannot. I write for us, as we are fighting legislations which stand against us  

I write as my country, America, turns its back on me. I write as my country fights to smother me until I dissapear. I write because the president wishes me not to. I write for the estimated 1.4 million transgender individuals in the United States of America, as well as the rest on this globe. I write, for I hope my voice will show that no matter what anyone says, we all remember that I- and all my transgender brothers and sisters- are human. 

I write because we all bleed red. 

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