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Sleep,My Child

July 17, 2018
By ashfromflames SILVER, Ernakulam, Other
ashfromflames SILVER, Ernakulam, Other
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Silly girl,
your different was your beautiful
all along


The lullaby that puts you into sleep

Is it the weak sound of your noisy breath?

Or is it your broken little heart

Going back to its old familiar routine?


Tears that cloud your eyes

Stain your puffed face

As you lie on your side.

You hug the pillow tighter

The blanket, you pull it over

Cuddling into a little ball.

The background score

Softer. Slower.

As the star gazes 

You close your eyes.

“You can survive this”

You hear a faint whisper

And that is your cue to sleep, my child.

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