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Birthday on Friday the 13th

February 13, 2015
By HafsaAhmed PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
HafsaAhmed PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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I don't believe in angry arguments , I believe in silent revenge.

Revenge doesn't merely means hurting others, it sometimes mean being a better person than you were yesterday.

On this Friday the thirteenth,
Wonka Chocolate is turning eighteen
Though it will be a fun amazing night
But a girl in white will give you fright!

She'll pass by while you cut your cake
And will plaster a smile so very fake
With her real white skin and dark long hair
She'll hide in closets whispering "come near"

The party will be at a peak of coolness
But after the guests leave, there will be mess
Tired, you'll sprawl on your bed while your hand touching the floor
Without noticing the closets' wide-opened door!

Soon you'll feel a gentle touch on your hand
As if a cat's tail brushing your hand from under the bed
You'll peek under it while rubbing an eye
And will stare at something you believe a big lie.


You'll find a girl in white staring back at you grinning,
Though you wont believe and consider yourself dreaming.
She'll crawl out with her hair sweeping the floor
And will stand right in front of room's only door.


She'll put her hand behind her back as if reaching for something
You'll hide yourself in blanket with red face praying yourself dreaming.
You'll look at the door behind her for escape
Before realizing it might be too late.


As she'll put forward the thing in most scariest way
You'll scream with lost voice with fears coming like flood
To your surprise, It will only be a paper saying "Happy Birthday"
But guess what? It will all be in "blood" !

The author's comments:

This poem is dedicated to a very good friend of mine whom I call "Wonka Chocolate". It's just my way of wishing her "Happy birthday"

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