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How I sang

October 11, 2013
By Jezmondinie PLATINUM, Tonbridge, Other
Jezmondinie PLATINUM, Tonbridge, Other
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How I sang
I sing before the fall of man
I sing as dead men rise
I sing as only the hopeless can
I sing of fire streaked skies
I sing as friends turn on each other
I sing as families fail
I sing a sister hurts a brother
I sing as lovers wail
I sing as stars consume themselves
I sing as heaven breaks
I sing amidst a thousand hells
I sing just for my sake
I sing a song as old as time
I sing out my own soul
I sing as diamonds coat in grime
I sing to fill a hole
I sing until there’s nothing left
I sing within the void
I sing until my mind is cleft
I sing as I’m destroyed
And when I have left this place
When nothing now remains
Thanks to some eternal grace
You’ll still hear my refrain

The author's comments:
ever get an image in your head that you just can't shake? ever been listening to amazing music at the time? there is no feeling like it.

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