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I am the Compass

January 14, 2012
By angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
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I will slip you a nice
Little arrow
Pointing up
I will slip you twice,
A pharaoh,
Is the size of a bishop.

The kings and queens
Can be granted
Endless deeds
And beautiful
But i can take it all away,
I steal things and leave them
All so misplaced...

I’ll tell you went to run
I’ll tell you when to hide
But when you ignore me
Your absent mind,
Will be lost at sea.

I take the ones you hate
By the neck
But i can hold their hand
I can
Embrace and suffocate
Just like every other man.

Your eyes wont ever, ever meet mine,
But they are the truth beyond your own,
If all guilt dies
So have i
As i am to whom it is shown.

Mount Everst cannot conquer me
Nor can a person
Feeling victoriously.

I am the size of air
I do not exist
But i am with everyone..

Ignore me,
This will be careless
But the weeping sorrows
To follow
Will leave your neck hairless.

Without out me
Will be caused the worst rumpus
I am the conscious
I am the compass.

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