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Through the Eyes of a Stranger

September 6, 2011
By Allis-in-Wonderland PLATINUM, Cartersville, Georgia
Allis-in-Wonderland PLATINUM, Cartersville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes people leave you...halfway through The Wood. Do not let it grieve you...No one leaves for good. You are not alone, for no one is alone." -Into The Woods

Through the eyes of a stranger,
She may look small or weak.
But she tries her best,
And although you protest!
To turn the other cheek.

Through the eyes of a stranger,
Her arms are gaunt, her fingers fat.
But when she looks in the mirror,
What she sees is much clearer!
Her confidence doesn't chip away like that!

Through the eyes of a stranger,
She is annoying, a scatter brain.
But all of those stories that she likes to tell...
Although most are fake! Do you hate her as well?
She enjoys the idea of being insane!

Through the eyes of a stranger,
She looks like a bookworm with horn rimmed glasses!
But although they are red and sparkle with glitter,
Although you say she's a loser, she says 'I'm a winner!'
In the hall she smiles as everyone passes.

So when you judge appearances and think you know it all...
Just imagine how bad it hurts? How hard you think they'll fall?
So if you see a lonesome stranger, what do you have to lose?
Walk right up? Run away?
You'll be the one to choose!

The author's comments:
I think stereotypical people are insane! Find out about a person before you judge them!

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