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It Is What It Is

May 15, 2011
By ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
ThisGirlWillMakeMistakes PLATINUM, Raymore, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened."

-Dr. Suess

When you smile I know its fake,
I know your hearts about to break,
I can see your lips quivering,
I can feel your body shivering,
I wish there was something I could do,
I know you wish I could do something too.

I know that the pain is to hard to bear,
And I know it seems like nobody gives a care,
Hun, stop giving your heart to any boy,
Even if it does bring you tremendous joy,
I know you want me to tell you not all of them are bad,
And I am not trying to make you even more sad.

But Hun, they are all horrible each and every one,
Even though at first they may seem pretty fun,
Eventually they start screwing with your head,
And it makes you wanna fall over dead,
Your so young and have already been heart broken,
You cried over a stupid boy who was too outspoken.

He told you he loved you and made you believe him,
Then he broke your heart and made the world grim.
They have never understood why we cry so much,
But they don't realize that they have that “magic touch”,
The one that can make you fall in love when your not ready,
They can convince you to go fast instead of going steady.

Then as soon as they get what they want they say goodbye,
And then they leave you out in the rain by yourself to cry,
Some of them have tons of friends that are girls,
Who are secretly in love with him but he is in another world.
And he never realizes that they would try and break you guys apart,
And when they lie to him he listens to them and breaks your heart.

Trust me there are girls out there that are just like that,
They don't care about anyone and they are just a brat.
Sometimes even his friends that are guys,
Get jealous and think you would be a prize,
So they try and get in between both of you,
And eventually in the end they all do.

Boys try and make you fall in love with their smile,
And try to make you hooked and fall in love for a while,
Then they find the opportunity to crush your dreams,
And make it feel like your heart is ripping at the seems.
They go through life acting like they got this “Pretty Boy Swag”,
When all along they are nothing but just a d***** bag.

They bring girls a lot of pain,
They even cause girls to go practically insane,
The moral of this story is boys can ruin your life,
But if we had to live without them we would be full of strife,
So love them and treat them the best you can,
And then eventually you will meet that special man. <3

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