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High Adventures Of The Internet Generation

May 12, 2011
By N-WESTRN13 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
N-WESTRN13 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me" Be good or be good at it ----

The red bullets already shot,
Space message from an astronaut,
Life don't change,
Besides video games,
The forever circulating pains,
Which manifest themselves in human brains,
Unrecognized by those remain,
Like the droppers touch to my addicted vain,
Provides the only feeling,
Picture to frame,
The nerve of understanding,

Good writers borrow,
Great writers steal,
Americans don't think they feel,
Powers 99 to 1 percent,
Cuz we all think we know,
What "The Jesus" ment,
Fail to relize,
that message was sent,
Over 20 century's ago,
When every year goes by just as slow,
A thousand fifty years ago,
As it does today,
And you can't even stick with the same I-Pad or marriage,

I've taken drugs to release,
The chemicals of eternal peace,
Does not apply,
Do not abide,
Traverse the mountains,
Despite the guide,
Nothings left to do except ponder how things could've been better,

Today w/ in touch is,
Statistics and information,
Shared world wide,
From nation to nation,
Hooked to the ease,
Of a cyber libation,
The stress of contact peels away,
Its your prides confiscation,
Talk behind walls,
Gives no communication at all,
Steeped in analysis,
Forgot how to think on the spot,
Like a frog in a pot,
To comfortable to hop out when the water gets hot,

Vengeful sinners,
Jealous lust,
Material growth,
Remember not to trust,
Fair-weather friends,
Who look apon you being down,
As one more thing to be above,
Attached like a leach,
Then released like a dove,
Keep your distance if your love for me is strategic,

Through cover of night,
Collections made,
Things taken from those who paid,
Full asking price,
A brick laid,
Is far from a brick layer paid,
From behind a wall,
With no connections at all,
True social life's begin to fade,
A machine to create,
No matter how fake,
To take form and present itself, to the winds of fate,
Follow the sound of the fife,
if you like,
But don't tell me how,
to live my life,
It's not that I don't like you,
But right now I just don't want to be botherd----

The author's comments:
LOL--Lots Of Love. Its been months and the editors wont put my writing online, I guess they think its too inappropriate or not worthy, but I can't help that! Put me through! Let me breath!

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