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I Really Do

June 21, 2010
By Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
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Always Accept nd love urself for who u are!

People always try to say stuff about me
But only my friends believe in me
They are the only ones I could trust
I try so hard for them, that’s what I must

Without them I cannot move on
I will cry and be sad if their gone
They are cool and so different
I love them because they are different

They never judge me or let me go
If I’m mad or sad, they will know
They know cause they know me very well
Not like those who don’t, they think I’m hell

If I’m with them I get so happy
When not, I always get crappy
I get mad and say mean things too
The thing I can’t say is, “I love you”

I really do love them but I’m scared
Cause when I do, it makes me feel cared
Its weird and uncomfterble to me
Sometimes I try to say but you can’t see

Everything is so hard when I try
I want to smile, I want to cry
I’ll feel better when I’m with them again
I really do…Love My Friends.

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