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Divine Father, Why are you so Cruel?

April 12, 2010
By chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
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Why do you prolong the agonizing days
where the sun does not move till the hour hand moves?
Why do you hate me on some days
and love me the others?
Why do you do this, oh, Divine Father?

You let anger fill my fists
and hatred engulf my mind.
You let the gold settle in my hands
and lust embrace my soul.
Why do you let the evils within me, oh, Divine Father?

Why must you put me in such torture?
Why do you let my fist burn with ire
or let my heart be stolen by a beautiful woman?
Why do you bring up my cursed past
like the undead rising from the grave?
Why do you let it sting, oh, Divine Father?

My body now sore,
My soul now broken,
My heart now stolen,
And yet you are the hand
that pulls my chin up and comforts me.
Why are you like this, oh, Divine Father?

You take many forms
but I know that it is you,
You come as many women,
You come as many enemies,
You come as many symbols,
And yet you taunt me like a trainer
teaching a dog.
Why do you make tears fall on my face, oh, Divine Father?

You make misery my lover,
You make rage my friend,
You make lust my affair,
But you wish for me to ignore them.
You wish for me to set aside my life,
My entire being,
For you.
Why do you make my life for me, oh, Divine Father?

You make the world brutal and vicious,
Eye for eye,
Blood for blood,
Heart for heart,
But you do not follow this world.
You allow others to be exceptions of this balance.
You allow others to go untested, un-tortured.
You allow others to live great and un-earned lives.
I suppose I am asking,
Why are you so cruel, oh, Divine Father?

The author's comments:
I guess I just got sick of watching other people live happy lives while mine life has been hell since the day I left the hospital.

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