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The Immortal Spirit

January 31, 2010
By Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
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In the dark night the pale woman,
moves swiftly down the street.
So swiftly it’s as if the ground was never touched,
by her tender feet.
Her beauty is mesmerizing one look,
and you’re trapped in her radiance.
Her eyes tease your mind,
in a tantalizing performance.

The wind blows her golden hair,
your senses heighten.
Her chilling laughter,
makes your cold heart tighten.
Before you know it your face to face,
with the eloquent female.
When she speaks her tender lips move charismatically,
the voice of a thousand night-in-gales.
Her extravagant pearl gown fits her,
perfect hourglass figure just right.
She cocks your head to the side, you see her teeth,
they are sharp and white.

In one striking move,
she bites down.
You can feel the suction slowly pumping the blood,
out of your tender veins.
You watch a crimson tear,
Run down her pure pearl gown.
How could such a beautiful thing,
Seduce you in such a horrible way?
With your mind struggling to fight,
you wonder why you cannot stray.

Slowly she begins to loosen the grip,
that her mouth has on you.
In terror you wonder how long it will be,
until you are a demon to.
She withdraws and you see your blood,
stain her from mouth to chin.
But somehow you still envy her,
even as your life runs thin.
She reaches on the side of her dresses slit,
and pulls out a blade.
You’re sure your life will end fast now,
so you beg forgiveness for all mistakes made.

What is this, she slowly cuts her wrist,
and feels not an ounce of pain.
She places her icy wrist over your mouth,
you wonder what she has to gain.
You are instantly attracted,
to the sweet cultivating taste that fills you.
You bite down and begin to vigorously suck,
at this addiction you are now bound to.
It stirs you deep within,
controlling all of your senses.
She no longer moans,
and her muscle tenses.

She pulls her wrist away,
and awaits the horrific show.
You painfully hit the ground,
and curl in the cold melting snow.
Your heart stops beating,
and for a moment you are human no more.
Staring miserably at the night sky,
you await the rest of the pain that is in store.
You awake in a dark room,
in which you have never seen.
Your features are sharp,
and your body lean.
Hungry you go out in search,
of some helpless prey.
Seductress by night,
immortal but somehow human by day.

The author's comments:
A vampire poem inspired by the vampire series.

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