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Deep in the Woods

July 27, 2023
By Galactic-Customs BRONZE, Fayetteville, Tennessee
Galactic-Customs BRONZE, Fayetteville, Tennessee
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Deep in the woods two birds, a mother and child 

One taught the other, while both of them smiled

“Don’t go so fast, you’ll wear yourself out,” the mother said

But the child merely laughed, then ran on ahead

Without a care in the word, or so it seemed

To the mother as her baby ducked and weaved

Through the tall grass and through the leaves

how the mother wished she could do such things

Once again, like how she once did

When she was younger and did not worry for her kid

She wished she could return

To those days. Oh how She yearned

To be free again, 

and to make her own plans

“Mother oh mother, why can’t I fly? 

I want to soar, and float through the sky!”

Upon hearing the sound

Of her name, she turned around

“Because my child, you must be older

Lest you fall to the ground, and I should say-”

“Later Mother, I’m going to play!!!” and off it ran

Leaving her dismayed, wanting him to stay

Sitting there she sat, waiting for him to return

And listened as he sang, a sweet song of birds

When he did return, he was tuckered out at last

And so the mother carried him to their nest

She watched him through the night, and didn’t catch a rest

She could not bear the chance, should something cause unrest

that someone might arrive

An unwanted visitor, hunting by the night

So she guarded valiantly, protecting her prize

Early in the morning, the chick opened his eyes

Looking at his mother, filled with surprise

“I don't need you to protect me, I’ll be fine on my own

Why don’t you leave, If you’ll be happier alone?

“Because I have a duty, that comes before my plans

And I must dutifully fulfill it, even when it is not fair”


She answered him harshly, in the tone

That her mother had used, long ago when she had tried to go

Much too far from home

“All you ever do is tell me what to do!!!

And all I want is freedom, I want to choose when and how I move!!!”

Stung by his words, and feeling rather hurt

She looked him in the face, wondering how she could deserve

Her child thinking this, when all she had ever done

Was look out for him, and ensure that he was loved

“Fine, if you really mean what you say

Then have it your way”

Off into the air, she flew taking flight

And he simply stood there, too prideful for goodbye

As he watched his mother fly, he told himself this lie:

“I will survive, and I will be fine. I don’t need help, I’ll live how I like!”

For hours he played, distracted from his plight

In truth, he did not know, how to survive

Without his mother to guide him

To shine forth like a light

And as he soon realized, he needed his mother by his side

Meanwhile up above, way high in the sky

celebrating freedom, like the Fourth of July

The wind in her wings, and not a cloud was in sight

Such freedom she felt, Yet as she flew through the air

something did not feel quite right

There was not a sound around, no child, no laughing eyes

And as she began to think, she thought “How foolish I’ve been!

But what am I to do, if he does not want me to parent?”

It was at that moment, that she heard a new noise

And to whom it belonged, was her baby boy

“Mother oh mother, where art thou?

I was foolish. I'm scared, please come back now.”

Even at distance, she could hear his cry. 

That was all it took, so she took to the sky

Sadness and joy, mixed in her mind. 

It was at that moment, that she remembered why

Life was so precious, but tethered to time

So she must now hurry, for fear of goodbye

The clouds opened wide, as she descended that day. Her words like a saying, that one might once say, 

“Nothing can stop me, not thunder nor rain. Never again, will selfishness get in my way.” 

She flew to her baby, so precious, so young. 

Never again, would she forsake their love.

“I’m sorry my child, I was lost in the past. 

But let us move on, and make a future that lasts. 

We were looking for more, even when we had it all. 

We just could not see it, caught up in our thoughts. 

Dreaming of things, we don’t need nor admire. 

Let me make it right, from now I’ll aspire. 


To be thankful at all times, regardless the hour. 

Let us make amends, and learn to be grateful. 

For the things that we have, contentment’s no fable. 

So let’s make it so, and not take a chance,

In the things that we seek, when on second glance

Are not what they seem, that’s why they’re called dreams. When now we can see, they’re just make-believe.”

Together they sat, in each other’s wings. 

Thinking about, how they both learnt something. 

Though one a prodigal, and a parent no less

They would decide, to forgive and forget.

And so agreed the baby bird

He spoke with wisdom, it filled his words

“Let's remember that even when

We feel that we don’t agree

That we can be content

With the things that we need

Not the things that we want

For that leaves us wanting

More and more, there's never an end

So let's be content, and put this to rest.”

The author's comments:

I've written lyrics for a while, and some poems here and there, but nothing like this. This took me three days to complete, but it was worth it. 

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