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July 24, 2023
By finnrose BRONZE, Shipston On Stour, Other
finnrose BRONZE, Shipston On Stour, Other
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'How are you?' She asked.
It was a question that would've required some college-level math and about an hour of discussion to answer. I felt a hundred conflicting things, the great bulk of which cancelled out to equal cold and tired and not particularly interested in talking.

He's matching my speed but two paces ahead

Can't reach him I try, he's over my head

A brother, he taunts me, makes fun of my pain

He's almost in reach but too far all the same


The mist wants to clear but it won't move along

Wind won't you pick up and please, please be strong

I need you to clear it I need a good view

If just a short glimpse for I've had very few


He's running in circles around me, no end

I'm dizzy I'm sick and I can't comprehend

When it will stop I've been trying so long

To catch him and see but I get it so wrong


He stays out of reach, becoming a part

A pet I can't touch, without visceral heart

He starts to turn cold, his teeth are on show

He goes for the kill, will he kill? I don't know


I can't tell if he's growling or grinning at me

And maybe that's the problem, my thoughts disagree

They fight with each other and drown out the sound

Of clarity, staying so lost, never found

The author's comments:

the struggle of needing to know yourself

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