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December 13, 2017
By stukaps BRONZE, Muscat, Other
stukaps BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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Don't judge someone based on their one flaw which in turn makes them unique

I stared into the mirror, taking in my tattered appearance, I sighed. “Two minutes until your next round.” A petite blonde said, barging into the room. She looked me up and down before narrowing her eyes. “Compose yourself boy.” Mumbling, she left me alone with my thoughts.

I wasn’t stupid. I knew what she was thinking. She probably thought that my bleeding wounds and bruises were signs of weakness. She thought that I was weak. She couldn’t be more wrong. I thought, smirking into the mirror.

“I have got this.” I muttered, my smirk widening. With confidence lacing every step of mine, I entered the dull lit arena. I could hear the audience cheering. The smell of blood and sweat was evident in the atmosphere. It almost made me want to gag. Stepping inside the rink, I gazed at my opponent. He stood at the far end of the rink in silence, gazing me. I couldn’t see his face, it was too dark to make out. Not to forget, he wore a black robe, covering his huge body.

I smirked at him and nodded in acknowledgment. He didn’t show any sign of acknowledgment. This only made me smirk wider. I knew that he too had a smug look on his face.

The sound of the bell ringing, made me aware that the round had begun. I took a few steps forward and so did he until we stood face to face. I immediately took up my stance and aimed a punch at his face. The man in front of me didn’t even budge. I tried it again, and again and again but nothing worked. I tried kicking him, but he easily dodged it. The crowd was now silent. The only sound that was heard was of my erratic breathing. I balled my fingers in a fist, and with all the force that I could muster, I punched him. But he grabbed my hand midway. He jerked me forward, turned me around and latched his hand around my neck, choking me. the crowd started cheering again. I could feel my heart pounding against my rib cage as I tried to pry free, but his hold was stern. I hastily tapped three times on his arm, forcing him to let me go. I fell on my knees and gasped for air.

It was not long before the tough guy attacked me again. He landed punch after punch and finally pushed me to the ground. His tall frame towered over mine. Silence engulfed us. I looked around to find out that we were no longer in the arena but in a dark room.

The hooded man took off his robe to reveal a very familiar face. a face that looked just like mine. He let out a small laugh before throwing punches my way. I could barely move. I had accepted defeat. I could feel myself slipping into darkness. I could hear him laughing at my weak and wounded body. His laugh was miserable. It made my blood boil. As anger surged through me, I slowly raised myself off the group, my muscles protesting with every move.

I curled my hands in a fist and plunged it at him, making him stumble back. I kicked him in the stomach making him grunt before finally pushing him to the ground. Climbing on top of him, I landed punch after punch. He yelled in pain before finally disappearing.

I closed my eyes, squeezing them shut as my heart pounded against my ribs. I could feel warmth spreading over my chest. when I opened my eyes, I found myself in my room once again, staring at the mirror. I smiled.
Life will never be easy. everyone around you will eventually try to pull you down sometimes in your life.
But the final decision lies in your hand. you are your own enemy. There will always be a small voice in your head, convincing you to take the easy way out. To accept defeat. But it is your wish to either listen to that voice or ignore it. You. Are. Your. Own. Enemy.

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you are your own enemy

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