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Silent Falling Leaves

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Silent Falling Leaves

Summer breeze
Autumn leaves
Sunrays shining through the trees
Shimmering butterfly wings
Gracefully fluttering
Through the gently falling leaves
Colorful falling stars
Hopes and dreams that are lost
Are now slowly spiraling down
Twirling without a sound
Abandoned and forgotten
Bitter and Broken
Are now softly descending down
Onto the ground
But are secretly hoping
For a whisper of a wind
That would carry them
Up, soaring high above the trees
Up, higher than they had ever belived
Back up, into the shining sun
Back up, to where they fell from.

(When you read "Colorful falling stars", I'm talking about falling leaves, just in case you get confused).

By:Leanne Walker

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