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Where is God?

March 25, 2009
By Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
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Destruction in Paradise
Blood and Pain
Constant subdued choas
Where is my God?
If he's so mighty

Why does he allow my suffering
Why does he allow the world, wars
Why does he allow starvation
If he's so mighty?

A cry from heaven,
Who caused such suffering
Who started such wars
Who pursued such sins
Who allowed themselves to be entangled
Not God, almighty God

What have humans created?
Such unbearable suffering
Such confusing wars
Through our sins
We entangle ourselves
Where is my God?

Why can't he stop our wars?
He has but more was created,
Humans have the ability to stop the war themselves,
So why don't we?

Why can't you stop your suffering
Why can't you decide against the war
Why do you sin
Is there nothing in your control
Is all your sins God's fault?

A paradise created years ago
With such great love
Granted a new ability
A will for ourselves
To choose to rise to heaven to God
Or burn in hell
With an angel foolish enough to fall
To his own doom,

Deliver us from evil
Forgive us of our sins
Guide us through
Where are you my God?


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