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Hearts Last Break

February 18, 2016
By Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
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Love and loyalty run deeper than blood. By: Richelle Mead

My heart burns with my undying love,

betrayed yet still confined to rapture within your cold dwellings.

I was chosen and entranced by you,

I was entangled in sweet blissful delight.

Fascinated by your appearance, I fell, and was imprisoned by your tender caressing that left me begging for you to satisfy my every need and desire.

Yet even though I yearned for your touch, I felt bitter cold with every brush of your fingertips.

Your a shadow hidden behind a man's face, feasting upon the pain you inflict on those who fall into your grasp, and drown within your burning love.

But your love has no meaning to me anymore.

And by deaths cold embrace I will be freed from these chains that have bound me to you.

With this here Athame, I do remove these slithering chains and join my sisters who have suffered the same as I.

Lunar light, keep me in your loving sight as I take my final breath, in this place and in this time I am changed,

O mother Goddess and father God, thee who has the answers to all mysteries yet mysteries unanswered; I give myself to thee and ask that you protect my spirit til I must return to this cold confining earthly world.

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