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Just time

February 12, 2009
By Tanisha GOLD, Oregon, Missouri
Tanisha GOLD, Oregon, Missouri
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Your heart wants to hold on but your mind knows its best to let go.
Their body is shutting down, their spirits lifted.
It's hard for you to get it through your head what's going on.
Not being able for you to picture your life with them gone.
Everyone's day will eventually come.
It's like a song, already to hum.
They're there with you then needed by someone more.
You're torn straight down to the core.
Heart broken and falling to the floor.
Asking yourself why couldn't there have been a better goodbye.
Heavens calling her straight up to the sky.
Pain and agony gone in the blink of an eye.
She was yours, she was mine.
She was most definately one of a kind.
Had done nothing wrong.
So stay strong for she is looking down over you.
You tried to help, that's all you could do.
One life taken and another one new.
No one can replace that magnificant known face.
The stairway to heaven is no need to race.
Count the steps with memories kept.
She hated the thought that we all wept.
She wanted to say goodbye better.
You now find yourself asking why, why you wouldn't let her.
A few moments longer with her mad more sense.
You're all tense.
Emotions are mixed.
You feel as if you could go back in time this could all be fixed.
Why you think your to blame appears as such a shame.
The passing of a loved one shall stake no claim.
You don't win or lose, this isn't a game.
Now you shed a tear at the meer mention of their name.
Love for one another shall remain the same.
The heart will hold on as the mind lets you know they aren't fully gone.
They'll always be with you.
You're stuck with eachother like paper and glue.
A bond is always there.
The air you breath in, the wind through your hair,whispering about all the fun times you shared.
They will always know how much you cared.
We all know you were scared, but had to prepare.
Through tears and sweat, it was time that they met with god.
Your concent would be nice, even a nod.
Always and forever two peas in a pod.
Like mother like daughter, blood will always be thicker than water.

The author's comments:
I alwaays think that I'm going through the toughest times of my life. I was arguing a little bit with the boyfriend, growing away from my friends, and dis obeying my parents. I was so caught up in trying to become popular and fix all this that before i knew it i wans't that little adorable child that everyone could'nt help but love, i was the one looking for trouble and attention. Years passed and i never noticed...i only thought of myself. Last week my life completely stopped when i found out the woman i grew up to call grandma, the one who taught me alot (how to sew) only had 48 hours to live. As soon as i got wind of all this i went to the nursing home to find a no longer familiar face laying on her death bed, she wasnt even able to keep her mouth shut by herself. This tiny room was so compacted with friends and family as it had for the past few weeks. I would have known it were that serious if i would have taken responsibility. I remember the nurse walking over to the bed and grabbing her fragile lifeless arm and saying that i wouldnt be much longer. My aunt completely lost it. I had to sit there and watch her punch at people while they tried to restrain her. My Grandma would wake up and curse at god for not taking her. The priest came in and had asked her for a prayer she prayed to finish 2008 and refused for anything else. A lady came in and sang a song to her and after that she never woke up again. My aunt couldnt get control of herself and i felt guilty and horrible. I tried to keep back my emotion but was unable so here is my poem to tell my story. Normally i am protective and rarely show anyone my poerty but i wrote this that very night for my aunt and when i showed her she started balling and her exact words were " I'm not just crying because of everything that has happened but because that wasn't written by that little girl i used to adore but a young woman and if you don't have this published i will be very disappointed because of your talent you are wasting" It ripped my heart out and I want everyone to know my story!

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