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First Kiss

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Slowly walking,
Hand in hand.
Our shoes are off,
Our toes in the sand.

Wave after wave,
The sun dims down.
Away from the people,
Away from the town.

You smile so cute,
As you look my way.
Your blue eyes sparkle,
Like you have something to say.

You stop and turn.
Your hands feel warm.
Is it something I did?
I reach for your arm.

Your left hand on my waist,
You move in toward me.
I’m falling fast.
I know you can see.

“You are beautiful,
And I’m falling in love.”
Your words make me melt,
Like rain from above.

Your right hand moves
Touching my face,
Pulling me in,
My heart begins to race.

Softly and slowly,
Our lips finally touch.
So genuine,
I get a rush.

Tingles run down,
Reaching my toes.
Our first kiss.
Your love truly shows.

My face lights up,
We give a smile.
What lasted a few seconds,
Seemed like a while.

Time has passed,
And you’re still mine.
You kiss me sweetly.
Your love still shines.

Never will I forget,
Our first kiss that stays true.
I am yours.
I will always love you.

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Perfection! So sweet! Loved it! xx