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Ode to my Grandparents House

February 4, 2016
By JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
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As I view the
shield of
glass, I see
a familiar street
that we are
cruising too, I see
trees high as the
sky, This normal
ghostly street offer
me good memories
and years to come,
Then I knew it I
arrived at
I step on the very
green monster grass,
then walked through
the broken sidewalk,
Then the gates been
unlock so I could see
beautiful structure,
A house that is not
too big or small,
But just right,
I arrived at the door
and rang the beautiful
melody of a doorbell,
Am just waiting to the
angel to arrive and
answer the door and give
kisses on my cheek,
My expectations were
correct and she did
what I predicted, As I
looked inside I felt a
blast of positive energy
consumes me which
remind me of the good
memories and whispering
me every detail, I enter
the kitchen then I smell
a sweet and powerful
aroma that lifts my body,
As I asked my grandmother
“what is this smell?” she
answered “It's your favorite
dish” It took me a second
until I jumped into
excitement, it was the
Enchiladas! The red sexy body
of it, the chicken inside of
it like a pregnant women,
the lettuce surrounds it
like a jungle, the white cheese
plants the red tunnel as if it
was pimples on your face,
Like a king, I wait on my big
fancy feast to be served,
The world’s top dish finally
arrived in my side of the
table, By my side are my
two favorite which are
my tita and tito, This one bite
made my mouth dance
like a disco party, Then I think
to myself, this is the life,
This is

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