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I remember (revised)

February 7, 2009
By cobainthedoors SILVER, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
cobainthedoors SILVER, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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I remember
I remember when I changed and everything I ever knew was shaken to the core
I met you in my usual timid form and severely shied
And you in yours boastful, arrogant, and brave, everything I wasn't
But as much of an annoyance you presented yourself to be, you had this light and presence
It was this feeling you gave me, despite peoples warnings about you I felt this comfort with you that I have never felt with anyone before
And anyone that did get to know you could see a piece of it, you weren't beautiful or graceful, you were open, curious, and understanding, which can be more valuable then beauty and grace combined
You kept me close, and as much I resisted you taught me, you taught me everything
You taught not to fear anything or anyone
To not be afraid to be open and, not be venerable
To laugh and play, and to never apologize for your story, just learn from it
You made me feel purely and fully alive for the first time
And you let me see you, the side of you nobody else got to see, , in my opinion the best side
The way we were in our own private world nobody could join or understand our fragile little paradise away from cruel reality, nobody could touch us
You were their when I needed you and nobody else but you, you saved me from hitting that bottom ,you me saved in that way and in every other way that counts
And then it was all gone and buried forever in time and memories
It's all so different now if feels like it was dream you have changed so much I?ve grown up and nothing will or could ever be the same

But though it was hard beautiful parts remain
My heart and soul is forever changed by you and everything you taught me, I am an open, curious, boastful person now, so different then before and made everything different, you left and made my life and me for the better
If it never happened I don't know where I?d be
And it was sad it all came to a halt and everything will always have a piece of my heart
And your lessons and that moment of time will never do anything but make me look back and smile, and be grateful
I remember and always will

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on Mar. 25 2009 at 10:08 am
cobainthedoors SILVER, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
6 articles 0 photos 5 comments
Ugh! I should have proofread this!!!

It's hard for me to even read what I write because im a wuss. So it always ends up with bad grammar and bad spelling.*sigh*