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February 2, 2009
By iPonder GOLD, Elk Grove, California
iPonder GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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The bad things happen first,then the good things, then more bad things, then more good things: God helps us through the bad things so we can enjoy the good ones. :)

You have hair as black as night when compared to day.
You have eyes as brown as a hersheys bar.
You have skin as smooth as a porcelain doll in France.
You have a smile that would bring peace in the middle east.
You have braces as colorful as a skittles rainbow.
You gpt me so head over heels, I'm practically falling.
Falling in and out of love with you.
Yell and scream how much you hate me.
I silence the noise with my lips pressed on yours, so hard you'd suffocate from the love i shower on you.
Run away and cry as I just smile and laugh at the thought of you going to her.
Because as soon as you open the door to her heart.
I will make it stop.

The author's comments:
saw him with his gf and felt this way

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