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I'm Not Anything

November 15, 2008
By savannah-jane PLATINUM, Soooomers., New York
savannah-jane PLATINUM, Soooomers., New York
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I am not a teacher

I cannot make you learn

I am not a preacher

I cannot make your sins burn

I am not an artist

I cannot make you a painting

I am not the smartest

I cannot give you training

I am not a secret spy

I cannot tell you why

I am not a nurse

I cannot rid you of a medical curse

I am, however, me

I burn mixed CDs

I read under the big oak tree

I'm going to get an English degree

I'm going to swim in the blue sea

I'm going to be on TV

I'm going to have a jubilee

I sometimes disagree

I love the smell of potpourri

I belt the song Graduation by Vitamin C

I'm going to live in NYC

I upload Dispatch onto my mP3

I one day want to be free

And that is me

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