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August 20, 2013
By GreyGirl ELITE, Pohang,Kyungbuk, Other
GreyGirl ELITE, Pohang,Kyungbuk, Other
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Always late on principle,
I refuse to be dragged behind
The clacking hooves of the clock—
I’ll never be on time.

If time is of the essence,
Than I am surely deprived
Of the nutrients that life demands,
And yet I have survived!

I keep no clock about my wrist,
Nor time piece upon the wall.
I measure years in sunsets,
And shoes grown too small.

I mark the hour by sun,
The minute by the sound
Of pots banging in the kitchen
Or feet upon the ground.

They say time is like a shadow,
That chases at your feet,
It measures out your life time
But I am prone to cheat.

The author's comments:
A whimsical poem intended for a young audience.

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