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July 30, 2013
By GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
GraphicWriter DIAMOND, Yuba City, California
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Can we actually capture
With a net or force
Woven with words and rhyme~
A limerick or two~
By the breath
And pull that by which we do thrive
Taken by a hint, a stone's throw away
Such as a hop or skip
Do we travel across the many ridges of Gaia
Leaving scars of destruction
In the minds of peace~
Like tankards full to the brim
Blessed with the prey of kindred folk
Giving her stories way to fall
Breaking at impact~
Shattering their glistening birth~
Inhaling the pressure and violence
Pressed on those of precious worth
And female girth~
Leaning on the ocean of language
Where boats of diction tumble and toss
Do their voices raise and reach~
Blooming in viles of brave and green~
Pulling through to the deep blue sky
Bringing the embers of stars from past~
Of eyes and lips stream across the land
Grasping the essence of attraction
Grappling across the rock of our home

By within their hearts hold
Praying to be told

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