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Till Death Do We Part

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Red roses,
Candlelight dinners,
With a whiff of breath,
Poof light becomes night,
A man on his knee says,
"Will you marry me?",
With a diamond ring between his fingers shining brightly,
Like his blonde hair and blue eyes,
Diamond on her left hand fourth finger tonight.

The preacher says,
"You may kiss the bride",
Whisked away by a plane,
Babies 'A' and 'B' are conceived.

Nine months later we got twins to feed,
School years pass by,
Like a firefly.

The man walks down the aisle again,
With his daughter in his hand,
A ring on her right hand fourth finger for the rest of her life,
Later her twin brother goes down on one knee,
And says "Will you marry me?",
To the one he loves.

A year later his son is going up the aisle with his love in his hand,
Vows exchanged.

Grand baby one,

The woman's at her loves,
Tears quietly stream down,
Her children next to her,
Hugging her as they lower the casket.

Five years later,
Both man and wife,
Lay next to each other,
On the tombstones,
It reads,
"Till Death Do Us Part"

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