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My Potential Person

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

My Potential Person

If I were pitched into infinity, my audacity would not falter
Soothed by the certainty of always
Emboldened by its forever
Unflinching above the everlasting never-ending
I stroll over the abyss
The endless depth donates wonder
Its honesty is comforting and free from delusion
Unlike the deceit I know so well
I take pleasure in the obvious
Some tangible proof
Because it’s good to know
I march on a gossamer bridge
Built by freedom and choice
A bruised sky above is Pollocked with blinking stars
I am cloaked in shadow without body
The soft light tastes red here
My bare feet tread this lucid path
Sorting through words and splitting truth
The subtle lies and good intentions filed away
Where that does not matter
Collecting dust among the disappointments
The shackles fall behind unlocked,
Ahead is a figure shrouded in dusk
Looming with assured steps
I am met with them in the middle
Who I will become
If I tend the seed
Nurture my own fraud
A sorrier version of my melancholic self
Brushing past
Focused on my redemption ahead
My potential person
I reach the egress unscathed
I do not bow down to its majesty but admire its gravity
Gone is the precipice
Stepped over and left behind
A piece of myself
My plan to fathom each and all
In whole sum
To taste all that is proffered
Insuring that I never surrendered to
What if

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