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Awkward Silence

August 12, 2012
By EnigmaticBeing PLATINUM, Santa Barbara, California
EnigmaticBeing PLATINUM, Santa Barbara, California
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"Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours.'
James A. Baldwin

It was a soft day outside. One of those days when you look out the window and the sun is glistening. Then you realize that you want to go outside and in a daze you prepare for the day. Time withers by like leaves that change from emerald... to gold... to ruby... to chocolate... to death... But you don't mind it. Time wraps itself around you and leads you outside. As the wind greets you with a breeze you begin to walk. You walk and walk until you realize that you've been doing nothing but that for an hour. That's when it settles in... The moment when you realize that you're walking alone and enjoying it. The moment when you start thinking... Should I really be enjoying this time by myself?... Since society has lead us to believe that alone is bad and harmful when in truth it can be healing and the earth's whispers do more than concealing because you've been relaxing and being yourself in the silence that is okay...

The author's comments:
I long for days like this all the time...

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