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February 10, 2012
By Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

Vainity sneaks passed your pure untainted eyes.
It hides behind sparkling lies.

The beauty you admire so extravagantly is merely a shell to mask the sin. You do not see what the shell so easily surpesses within.

You use to be a guiless child.
But with lust you were easily defiled.

It only took one man to change your point of view.
He easily persuaded you to abandon everything you percieved to be true.

You long to ease the anguish within your broken heart.
To redo the day it was so viciously torn apart.

But that Redo will never Be.
So you began to live off of only the things you can see.

That is when Vanity first burried itself within your troubled soul.
You looked through it's deceiteful eyes, and thought your body was detastefully dull.

You began with the way your body moved.
So you transformed your walk to silky smooth.

Then you transitted to the way your body looked.
That is when vanity caught you on it's addictive hook.

You could not forsee the extreme abuse you would put your body through.
You could not see what damage vanity would eventually do.

You soon began to loath yourself, and think you were a repulsive whore.
You craved to encounter another man whome you could easily adore.

Of course they all took advantage of your pleasing mood.
They were all so visious and crewd.

You never comprehended how all this could happen because of one suductive man.
It turns out he didn't even give a damn.

All this arose from a piece of temptation.
It made you think you diserved eternal damnation.

Of course this is absolutly not true but that will not stop you.

So be causious of a man whome is just pleasing to the eye.
That lust will eventually die.

A moment of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of hurt.
Don't treat yourself like dirt.

If you're not dead then you have your whole life ahead.

There is more then the charm and the lust you have recieved.
Do not let yourself be so easily decieved.

Remember your vanity will begin grow.
It will be too late before you know.

The addiction is not worth that oh so pretty boy.
Don't become it's abused toy.

Vanity is just another seductive lie.
Another way to get the guy.

So to wrap up your sad lifes history, we'll end with a confusing mistery.

It is a warning to us all.
To save us from the agonizing fall....

To be able to grow the grain you must begin with a little rain... Just like vain.

The author's comments:
I Wrote this around the time I started to become something my family didn't like. I spent a couple years screwed up and this is just something that was inspired by that.

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