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Where I’m From

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Where I’m From

I’m from the hospital were I was purple and had big feet.

I’m from asthma that had bad lungs and almost admits defeat.

I’m from my bike, which my sister taught me how to ride.

I’m from Gahanna with the friend I had for the first time.

I’m from a dog named Chloe that I had to give up.

I’m from the numerous sicknesses from which I threw up.

I’m from kindergarten, which I got held back.

I’m from a Witch from whom I got smacked.

I’m from Christmas from which I have parties.

I’m from my dad with laughs and hardy’s.

I’m from my blanket with a lot of dogs.

I’m from my nana that had a pet hog.

I’m from the Bahamas which I accidentally rapped.

I’m from the cabin which I ate some sap.

I’m from a bad word which I couldn’t stop saying.

I’m from my good friend Sam which we couldn’t stop playing.

I’m from the creepy callers that make webs.

I’m from a baldhead that I let.

I’m from braces, which I had for four years.

I’m from a lost and some tears.

I’m from bad hips that make me walk funny.

I’m from Winnie the Pooh who loved honey.

I’m from acting which I love to do.

I’m from a dream that something took over the world that went moo.

I’m from a fear of my craw spaces, which was in my room.

I’m from a dream that I saw my doom.

I’m from chocolate, which I can’t have anymore.

I’m from all the times I hit a door.

I’m from flexibility which I do all the time.

I’m from the poems, which I couldn’t think of a rhyme.

I’m from willy wonka which I hate.

I’m from the 2nd best teacher I had in Windermere, I was eight.

I’m from Hastings from which I love.

I’m from everyone I know who is all up above.

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