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Nothing Left to Live For

August 11, 2011
By Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
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Laying in my bedroom,
Afraid to open my eyes.
My dreams are much better,
Than this painful, lonely life.

When they finally peer out
Into the dark of night,
I hope that morning never comes,
That I never see sunlight.

There's nothing left to live for,
But I don't want to leave...
I'm scared of what comes after,
I don't know who to believe.

The world comes crashing down
As I am huddled in my bed.
I know that nothing will ever cleanse
The darkness in my head.

Would anyone care if I never wake?
Would anybody cry?
But I know I won't take the risk-
I'm much too scared to die.

Sometimes I want to end it all,
Let the world fade to black,
But I know that if I do
There is no way of coming back.

People smile, people cry,
And all the while I just watch.
Maybe there's something I've missed,
Some way to connect the dots.

I know there's nothing left to live for,
But I'm not ready to go.
I don't know what comes after,
And I'm scared of the unknown.

The shadows all around me
Wait for me to just give in.
I fight them all the time,
But my strength is wearing thin.

There's nothing left to live for,
But I guess I have to try.
I just might be surprised
At who would truly cry.

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