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Ode to June

June 25, 2011
By JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
JacktheSkipper GOLD, Abbeville, South Carolina
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It was noontide of June, by that majestic lake,
here she held my hand, ensuring heart-ache.
Upon this touch, spring's colors came alive.
In sun-time and in shadow nature seemed to thrive.
How fair they came, the happiest hours, that we'd spend by that lake.
She was worthy of all my love, and no other she said she'd take.

There we would sit, by the sweets of the flowers a far,
staring at many a lily, white as a star.
And all these blossoms, that spring brought,
belonged to us with no further thought.
When the vulture hovered over the lit lake below,
jealousy was impending but it ought to know-
That neither the vulture in the sky, nor the snake in the lake could concur our love,
For it was much too strong, competition it seemed we were free of
( But few things in life are everlasting, and competition waited patiently just down the stream.)
Yet untroubled seemed the sky,
we lay neath the moon as one lays to die.
But in truth all our loved seemed to be, was a dying petal, drifting through the black sea.
So one sunset, when the shadows resided in the light of day,
love peacefully departed, floated down the lake, and left me broken hearted.
I had no being, except with you, but everyone who looks friendly has secrets only they knew.
All that was intended to keep floated along the bay,
You opened the door, and then you walked away.
The wind calls me to the lakeside, years after our depart, and so quickly comes a sullenness of heart.
That leaves me in a reverie when I look upon,
the memories brought by June's sun.

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