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One Magical Day in Class

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

One Magical Day in Class
“Get off my Face”
That’s what the chair said
Right as I took a seat on his head
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know you could talk”
“Of course I can, ask my buddy Mr. Chalk”
“Well hello Mr. Chalk, how is your day”
“Not so good, my life is fading away
I’m almost done with, gone, used up!”
That’s when I heard the voice of Mrs. Cup
“Yoo-hoo, over here, don’t let him get you down
You’ll never catch him without a face-full of frown
But me, I am as happy as can be,
Now come sit down, and have a nice cup of tea”
“Don’t drink her tea; you’ll never be the same”
“Excuse me who said that, and what is your name?”
“Up on the wall and that cup’s tea is lame,
And by the way, I’m Dr. Frame”
“Hey over here, look over your shoulder
You want some real fun, come meet Mr. Folder!
Want to play a game, how bout some tag?
You can team with Globe and I’ll be with Flag”
“That sounds fun, when do we start?”
“Sit down and work,” yelled the grumpy Periodic Chart
Then all of the sudden, I heard a knock
“Quick go sit down,” screamed Mr. Clock
The teacher was coming, I had to sit down
“Sit on Mr. Chair,” the chalk said with a frown
Then the door opened and all was quiet
“I’m undone now come down and tie it”
“Oh my word, you talk too?”
“What? No talking! Was that you?
You’re the only one here, who could you be talking too”
“No, excuse me that was just my shoe”
“Huh? Ok?” she said with an awful weird look
“Open me up, and read,” whispered my book
My teacher then said, “Go head, be on your way”
I left the room smiling. Wow what a magical day

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