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Problem That Can Never Be Solved

May 20, 2011
By thalialisset SILVER, Jamaica, New York
thalialisset SILVER, Jamaica, New York
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Don't Judge Its Book By It's Cover

I cant believe what you have had ever since you were little but why now the doctors are telling me whats wrong with you.Now that you are growing up,I'm realizing that you are sadder, madder,and turning into a slacker because of this problem.The doctors would always say,"He's alright. Don't worry about anything. He is very healthy." But it turned out that you weren't healthy.Well you're healthy but there is a problem with you that can't NEVER be solved unless you listen to the doctors. Which you will never do because you don't even have the nerve to listen to mom or me.It was when you were 6 years old , the doctors said," I'm sorry but your little brother is totally deaf from one of his ears."
I started crying the most because you have been going through a lot ever since you were born.At that time you were so little to understand anything. All you knew was that we were very sad and you started to cry as well.
I remember you would always tell aunt Maria that everything would be OK when she was sick with our little cousin.And she thanked you and still thanks you for supporting her at that very sad time.But now she is the one who is crying her heart out more because of all of the things you did for her. You weer only 4!
We don't know what happened to you that caused this serious problem.
Don't worry, we will always love you
we'll try to help you in any way.
Now that you are 8 years old, you don't want to be treated like a little kid. You want to be treated as an adult.But guess what? That wont make things better.
You're turning back on everything and its hurting you're hearing and it'll get worse.
But you have to try harder and pray to god that somehow u would get your hearing back. Before its to late!!!

The author's comments:
Based on my little brother who is deaf from one year and trying to get his hearing back by using hearing aids.He doesn't like to wear it because kids in his class make fun of him.So we pray can improve his hearing before it's too late.

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on Dec. 5 2011 at 7:48 am
MercyChristine GOLD, Oak Grove, Minnesota
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oh shnykeis!

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