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My Soul Mate

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I know a cat whose fur is black
Her name is Cupcake and simply that
I suppose if you searched you could find another
But no name besides can truly describe her

She’s long and lanky and not overweight
She’s got a white streak entwined about her neck
She’s prissy and stuck up, she moves with a flowing gait
She’s that old cat who is Queen of all she can see

For some reason she likes me
I’m really not sure why
After all I tried to kick her
When upon me she snuck from behind

She hates all other animals
They intrude upon her domain
She thinks the world is hers to own
Just like the race of Cain

So this is my Cupcake
She’s one unique cat
Who’d be fine without me
But without whom I’d die

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