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touch stone

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

What more can idle words say

Really what more can be conveyed

I have said it all before

So much in fact that your ears are probably sore

But here it is again

You are the good in every sin

You are the light in the darkness

You are the source of my happiness

You are Aphrodite

You are the reason for my sanity

You are my compass

You are my Columbus

You found me

I was lost as everyone could see

I found a better way to live

To me that is what you give

You give me a reason to wake

And this is why this poem I make

Because with out you there would be no me

It is true with out you I would not be

We have gone through so much

You have been there as my crutch

The reason to get through

With out you what would I do

But you know this to be true

So this feeling is not new

You are mine

And as long as that is true I will be fine

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